Senior Staff Less Likely to be Finger-Pointing

Research carried out by Red Goat Security has found that employees are less likely raise call out senior staff on potential insider threat activity. This effectively making senior staff a lot more immune from scrutiny when it comes to insider threat.

Senior Staff Immune from Insider Threat Finger-Pointing
Research shows employees are reluctant to report senior staff suspected of stealing company data

New Spyware Found in Android Apps

24 apps on the Google Play Store have been found to have masquerading as legitimate apps by in fact are spyware, and have been given the name "the Joker". These apps steal data such as SMS/Text messages, contacts and device information. The apps also silently signs the victims up for premium services.

The apps in question have since been removed from the Google Play Store.

Joker Spyware Found in 24 Google Play Apps