Apple Issued Statement Regarding Google Report

Apple has issued a public statement in relation to the report which Google recently published about websites exploiting vulnerabilities in iOS. Apple in their statement, down played the severity of this as well as the number of users affected.

Apple issues statement in response to Google security vulnerabilities report
Google’s report created a false impression among users that their devices were compromised, Apple says.

ProtonMail Disputes Claim That It's Partnering With Huawei

Huawei has recently announced that it will be installing ProtonMail as an email client on their phones, given that the company will no longer be able to use GMail. This has lead to claims that ProtonMail has partnered with Huawei. ProtonMail has officially disputed this claim in a blog post.

ProtonMail pushes back against claims it is partnering with Huawei | ZDNet
Publishing in an app store is not a partnership, Swiss email company states.