Open Facebook Database

In yet another story involving Facebook, the company had a server containing databases with no authentication. This database also appeared to be publicly accessible. Details stored in the database included phone numbers of Facebook users. To add further frustration, Facebook's response appears to be pretty poor, stating that the data set is old. They have closed down the databases.

Unsecured Facebook Server Leaks Data Of 419 Million Users
An unsecured Facebook server has exposed the phone numbers linked to more than 400 million user accounts. Was your amongst them?

SMS/Text Provisioning Messages

Check Point have found a vulnerability on Android devices in which a maliciously crafted SMS/Text message could expose your data on the phone to an attacker. The attack depends on over-the-air (OTA) messages. In the attack, the attackers could pose as the victim's network operator sending the malicious OTA message which would then configure the phone to route all of its traffic through infrastructure controlled by the attacker. All an attacker needs to pull off this attack is a GSM modem as well as software to be able to compose the OTA message.

Critical Android Warning Issued For 1.25 Billion Smartphone Users
A shockingly simple exploit leaves 1.25 billion Samsung, Huawei, LG and Sony smartphone users at risk of compromise.

Brave Accuses Google of Tracking Users

Brave, a privacy focused browser, has accused Google of tracking users via hidden web pages. If true this is a violation of GDPR and could carry quite severe consequences.

Brave accuses Google of trampling Europe’s GDPR with stealthy netizen-stalking adverts
Our ads? Stomping on people’s privacy? Never! Not us! sobs search giant

Google to Settle Alleged Violation of Children Privacy

Google and YouTube will pay $170 million to settle a case with the US FTC and New York Attorney General which alleged that Google illegally collected the personal data of children. Under COPPA, online services need to gain parental consent before collecting data on people under the age of 13.

Google and YouTube part with $170 million to settle alleged violations of kid’s privacy | ZDNet
Targeting Youtube channels at kids lands Google on wrong side of Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Twitter Disables SMS-to-Tweet Feature

After last week's high profile story involving Twitter's CEO Jack Doresy, Twitter has, at least for now, disabled the ability to Tweet via SMS. Flaws in the feature had previously been raised with Twitter, and it's frustrating that it took a high profile incident before Twitter did anything about it.

Twitter disables SMS-to-tweet feature after its CEO got hacked last week | ZDNet
Twitter disables one of the site’s earliest features in response to CEO getting hacked last week.